Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diagnostic Essay

Stick That in Your Wing Sauce

When someone tells you they work at a restaurant, it does not strike as too big of a deal. However, when someone mentions they are employed at a Hooters restaurant, the eyes widen. Truthfully, this reaction could indicate one of several. Thoughts and beliefs like ‘this girl is desperate’ or ‘she is not going anywhere in life’ are included. I try to disregard these negative and incorrect theories and prove that I can handle what is a fast-paced, intense working environment.

My job is rewarding. For example, I can create my own schedule, which leads me to currently work three days per week. This undoubtedly comes as practical considering I am a full-time student in college and in need plenty of study time. The money I take in is also outstanding. I receive a respectable paycheck, although the real cash rolls in from all the hefty tips. From being a waitress at other locations, I have clearly realized how much more money I acquire waiting tables at this exciting restaurant. The uniform required is relatively notable as well. It’s bold and flashy features do tend to offend particular people, but to us Hooters Girls, they are simple, comfortable workout clothes that support us in tending to a customer’s every whim, no matter how many times we have to rush over to the drink station for a refill. Working at Hooters calls for dozens of skills to keep up.

I would recommend this job to any female who is trying to stack up some money and wants to look magnificent doing so. The managers are flexible, the food is terrific, and on some days, the regulars will tip next month’s rent. Try finding that kind of capital at your typical diner.

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